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About our 20th Anniversary Celebration

Rehoboth Community Development Corporation (RCDC), founded in 2004 as a faith-based organization, responds to escalating community needs. RCDC's mission is: "Create Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities that impact and build intergenerational prosperity."

The requested funding will sponsor RCDC's 20th anniversary celebration, commemorating two decades of enhancing the Canyon Corridor Neighborhood's vitality. This celebratory event will feature food, testimonials from impacted residents, a small business showcase highlighting local entrepreneurs, and a slideshow depicting RCDC's transformative journey.

Notably, the event will spotlight RCDC's holistic approach to community development, encompassing an out-of-school program for at-risk youth, financial literacy initiatives, affordable housing solutions, a community garden promoting food security, small business assistance, neighborhood watch efforts, and physical revitalization projects. This multifaceted strategy empowers residents, fosters economic opportunities, promotes community cohesion, and cultivates a vibrant, self-sustaining neighborhood.

By supporting this milestone event, funders will contribute to RCDC's long-standing commitment to uplift an at-risk area, celebrating tangible improvements while fueling further positive transformation. The celebration encapsulates RCDC's mission, uplifting an equitable, healthy, and sustainable community that impacts generations.

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