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Gwen Relf

Executive Director/CEO

Gwendolyn is Co-Founder and CEO of Rehoboth Community Development Corporation (RCDC), a faith-based non-profit organization and a ministry of Rehoboth Saints Center, Inc.  RCDC exists to Create Equitable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities that impact and build intergenerational prosperity within Maricopa County, Arizona  and Canyon Corridor Neighborhoods.
Mrs. Gwendolyn E. Relf has 35+ years experience organizing and developing activities for at-risk youth, women, leaders, and others in religious organizations and the community. 


Maya Henley

Housing Project Development Manager

Maya has over six years of housing experience, with a current focus on affordable housing development and homebuyer education and preparedness. Maya is also a local realtor licensed in Arizona; and holds an MBA with an Emphasis in Project Management from Grand Canyon University. She is passionate about stabilizing neighborhoods, developing affordable housing, and helping families and individuals achieve generational wealth through ownership.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children and running a crafting business.


Gabriel Relf

PEACE Program Coordinator

Gabriel is currently the People Educating and Centering Efforts (PEACE) Program Coordinator. He work with youth ages 5-18 in an afterschool setting. And he has a great repor with the kids, they love him. He loves working at Rehoboth because we try to treat others the way we want to be treated. He enjoys learning and playing, you are as young as you feel!


Renee Huff

Community Services Coordinator

Renee is the Community Service Coordinator, responsible for promoting Rehoboth CDCs housing development, Rehoboth Place I & II, providing community events programs and services to the residents and surrounding communities.She is a graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Political Science, from Arizona State University with more than 20 years in Social Services and Education. Work is very important to her because she enjoys doing things that will either help someone, even in the smallest degree, or that can potentially change someone's life. Learning new things, pursuing new opportunities, and working within a variety of disciplines is one way that she’s been able to find motivation. She strives to provide unique solutions to complex workplace problems.  She enjoying brainstorming ideas and solutions with others which allows her to approach her work with a creative mindset while discovering new ideas. 


Blanca Arredondo

Chief Program Officer

Blanca has an M.B.A., is the chief program officer overseeing Rehoboth CDC's programs. She strives to provide quality and valuable programming that benefits individuals and families. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Australian cooking competition shows. 


Cheryle Daniels

Executive Assistant/ Housing Program Coordinator

Cheryle, as Executive Assistant, brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked in small companies as well as corporations. As Executive Assistant/Office Manager/Bookkeeper for more than 25 yrs, Cheryle strives to encourage growth and fulfillment in all areas of this human experience. She provides support to leadership and staff so that individually and collectively, everyone can live up to their fullest potential. She also serves in a dual role as Housing Program Coordinator seeking to create more opportunities in the community for families interested in creating and achieving homeownership opportunities. She has a sewing and embroidery business and loves to design & create challenging projects. 


Zoila Valerio

Crowd 2 Home Assistant

At Rehoboth, Zoila’s job is to triage client calls for the Crowd to Home program, get them started and help them thoughout the process to receive services. Our primary goal is to give people a hand up in their time of need as they work to stabilize their home. 
Rehoboth is a great place to work because we are truly making a difference and having an impact in people’s lives. She has witnessed people crying tears of joy and she is happy to be a part of the process to help as many people as we can.
When I’m not working, she likes to spend time with my family outdoors, whether that be camping, going to the lake or going to explore a new destination in our beautiful state. 


Feature Headline

Crowd 2 Home Coordinator

Denise holds a Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University. She has worked thirty years with diverse populations which includes adults, the disabled, seniors, and families within the state, and city government. Currently, she serves with the Crowd 2 Home Program. Her role consists of determining client (customer) eligibility for financial assistance and supportive services to individuals who live in Maricopa county. We created and implemented the Crowd 2 Home program process from the initial contact with the client to the final contact and delivery of services. When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, spending time with family, church family, and going on staycations. 


Shantasia Brabham

Support Staff Assistant

Shantasia is the first point of contact for all the services we provide I.e. V.I.T.A, TIME Business Program, Crowd 2 Home, PEACE Program, and more. She provides support all staff when they are in need of any type of assistance. We are a valuable part in making and keeping the community safe as well as being that outlet to give information out to the community and those in need. She currently works to perfect her art in graphic design and continues to learn more styles and projects that involve graphic design.


Jefferey Gonsalve

VITA Coordinator

Jeffrey is the Rehoboth VITA Tax Site Coordinator which manages all aspects of the VITA tax preparation site including operations, oversight of volunteer preparers, and quality control. The Rehoboth VITA Tax Site serves the community by educating and helping taxpayers who need the benefit of volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) services
At Rehoboth CDC we Rebuild Stronger Communities through Commitment, Compassion, and through Collaboration.
He is a  published author of the Realistic Fictional tale From Main St To Wall St. It is a story of how the streets of south central Los Angeles shaped the mind of a successful hedge fund executive. He seeks to financially educate low to moderate income families, as well as those who are directly or indirectly justice impacted.

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