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Affordable Housing

Quality living space at affordable prices.

RCDC believes that all people should have their basic needs met, including quality & affordable housing that preserves their dignity.

Increasing quality affordable housing choices to low and moderate-income individuals and families was identified early as critical to escape the cycles of poverty within the communities Rehoboth Community Development Corporation (RCDC) serves.

RCDC’s Creating Housing Opportunities & Increasing Community Equity Services (CHOICES) Program seeks partnerships with banks, private and non-profit developers, municipalities and community stakeholders to provide safe, smoke free apartment communities.


Community Health

Creating Healthier Vibrant Communities

RCDC's passion for cultivating strong communities is the driving factor behind why we engage in grassroots community development. RCDC primarily focuses on the Canyon Corridor Neighborhoods (boundaries: I-17 to 43rd Ave & Indian School to Dunlap), a culturally diverse urban community battling crime, blight, and limited access to healthy foods and activities.

We believe that by engaging residents and stakeholders across all ages, ethnicities, creeds, and income levels in a process that connects their common interests and skills provides the synergy necessary to build sustainable, healthy communities of care.

RCDC is the catalyst and backbone organization for the Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Alliance.

RCDC convenes stakeholders, mentors neighborhood leaders, hosts community events, collaborates, develops and implements strategies to revitalize and restore neighborhoods within the Canyon Corridor.


Financial Wellness

Center for Financial Opportunities

Building wealth through comprehensive asset development is pivotal for low and moderate income people to not only become self-sufficient but successful business & home owners. RCDC partners with several community based and national organizations, businesses, and municipalities to deliver the following services: First Time/ Home Buyer Education, TIME Business Program, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, GCU-CityServe, and provides support to the Hazelwood Street Block Watch. RCDC provides a space for financial education workshops focusing on building wealth and not debt. RCDC also delivers free tax preparation services to low and moderate-income people in partnership with the Central Arizona VITA Network and Internal Revenue Service Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Program.


Youth Services

Building Future Leaders

Rehoboth CDC believes that investing in children and youth is essential to breaking the cycles of poverty and building stronger urban communities. RCDC’s People Educating And Centering Efforts (PEACE) Program collaborates with Strong Ties Global Citizenship and Mentoring Program, providing youth of color (ages 12-18) opportunities to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) through coding, applications, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Rehoboth CDC continues to create healthy communities for youth at Rehoboth Place by providing meals during the Summer months and out of school time activities in partnership with GCU Local Outreach Program.

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